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What We Offer

We are offering a friendly, fun racing atmosphere in Southern California.  There are no hidden motives, everything is straight forward.  We offer the pure essentials of racing.  Benefits of participating in one of our races include:


  • Medals for everyone!

  • Free photos!  We pride ourselves in taking 1000-2000 photos per race with usually 2 photographers.  One of the photographers is a professional.  Check out our Facebook page to see his work in the photo albums --

  • Awesome swag!  We have a variety of goodies (snacks, beverages, personal care product samples) when you finish!  Tote bags are usually included so you can carry your swag home with you.  

  • Affordable costs!  We believe in keeping costs low so everyone can enjoy the experience of participating in a race, achieving personal goals, and making new friends in the process!  Our costs are lower than almost all other races.  We also offer a variety of ways to save even more including:​

  • Spectacular views when running by the beach, or in a beautiful park



Who We Are

Started by two runners who want to make a positive impact on the consciousness of humanity by spreading the love and joy of running to all.  



Our mission is to share the love and joy of running with

each other with small, friendly, affordable, high energy,

FUN races and runs!



To uplift humanity one run, one race at a time. By uplifting

ourselves we can uplift the world. 


Science is showing more and more that we are all

interconnected in a universal collective consciousness.

Our goal is to uplift humanity one run, one race, one

person at a time. The time for a better world starts now. 


"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." Ryunosuke Satoro




About A Better World Running

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